Fionna Brennan - Inspire Action Success

Another mighty member who has added huge value to MWM is Fiona Brennan, Her positive outlook and willingness to be of assistance have been commentated upon by many members. I’d highly recommend organising a meeting with her.

Fiona Brennan, Personal Success coach & mentor and PM consultant, speaker, certified trainer, wife, Mum of 3 and beach lover. She has a passion for people and for getting things accomplished. Founder of “Inspire Action Success”, a success solutions business for entrepreneurs and professionals, helping bring ideas and vision into reality.

Through her coaching business “Inspire Action Success”, Fiona combines her 20 years project management skills with mindset & neuroscience coaching to help business owners achieve the business and personal “Holistic” success they desire. Her own journey led her to discover the importance of personal development for any goal success, in particular for business. Because you ARE your business.

Her mission with “Inspire Action Success” is to help you discover your full potential, see your limitless power and feel the real joy of entrepreneurship by living authentically right now to YOUR definition of SUCCESS.

Fiona is accredited by the AiBf Business All stars.