Ciaran Griffin - Adsuite

One of my most valued members is Ciaran Griffin . A mighty friend of mine. He has a knowledge that is incredible about Facebook and Google ads. I have had several Zoom meetings with him and his patience, knowledge and good nature are first class and I’m delighted to say our recent meetings in person confirmed my impressions on Zoom.

Ciaran Griffin is the Founder of AdSuite , an online Advertising Agency that primarily helps service-based businesses to generate high-quality leads and attract new customers through Facebook and Google ads. In April of 2019, Ciaran left his graduate programme with Bank of Ireland and returned home to Kerry where he set up his ad agency, AdSuite from his bedroom.

Fast forward 3.5 years, Ciaran is now based in Cork City with an office in Spaces on the Cork Docklands, a team of 3, an impressive book of clients across Ireland, the UK, USA & Australia, and a managed ad spend of well over €1m.

Ciaran is a graduate of the University of Limerick where he studied Business with a major in Marketing. What sets AdSuite apart is their commitment to full transparency. They help track the total cost to generate a lead and the cost to acquire a new customer.

AdSuite will work with the feedback from their clients to understand the end ROI generated. Not only that, clients of AdSuite also support their clients sales process in times where they find it difficult to convert leads into customers.