Darren Sheahan - Cliona's Foundation

Youthful exuberance, huge work ethic and an innovative idea generator would help describe Darren Sheahan. He has been a mighty group member, responsible for a lot of our success and has hugely enhanced the Cliona Foundation brand with the quality of his work. A man with a bright future.

Darren is the marketing communications executive for Cliona’s Foundation. Cliona’s Foundation is a Limerick-based charity that provides financial assistance directly to parents of children with life-limiting or chronic complex care needs across Ireland to help with the non-medical expenses related to caring for their child.

The Foundation was set up by Brendan and Terry Ring, following the death of their daughter Cliona, from an inoperable brain tumour in 2006 aged 16. Over the years, as Cliona underwent numerous different hospital treatments, Brendan and Terry were struck by the number of families, facing enormous financial hardship, on the brink of financial free-fall, blindsided by non-medical expenses piling up.

since it’s launch in 2007, Cliona’s Foundation has raised in excess of €2 million and has helped more than 1100 families nationwide.

Darren 087 6351050
email darren@clionas.ie