Gavin Kennelly - Boroventuresmedia

An infusion of young enthusiastic members is always a mighty bonus for MWM. Gavin Gavin Kennelly is one of these. The man is a fountain of knowledge and coupled with his helpful Kerry demeanour is a must to meet. Boroventuresmedia is an Irish based Social Media Management Agency specialising in organic growth. They manage social media pages for companies across many different social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tiktok.

Here is a list of some of their services:- Management of multiple platforms
– Content creation
– Graphic Design
– Content scheduling
– Copywriting captions
– Generating hashtags
– Replying to followers messages and comments

They also now offer in-person content creation through Drone Footage and our 3D Virtual Tour Matterport Camera.

If you would like to have a chat with them about how they can help you in your business, you can contact them at or private message Gavin.

Keep the Faith.