Sharon Morrissey - Conflict Clarity

Another mighty member is Sharon Morrissey. Her enthusiasm, sincerity, passion, and above all her willingness to help are incredible. This coupled with her knowledge makes her the industry leader at what she does. She is a great friend and I’m thrilled with her contributions to date

Sharon is a Mediator and Conflict Resolution practitioner who holds a Masters in Conflict Resolution. She is an accredited mediator since 2015 with the Mediation Institute of Ireland and since 2022 with the International Mediation Institute. Sharon’s passion for family mediation including child-inclusive and child-focused mediation stems from 25 years of working with children and adults in vulnerable situations and experiencing conflicts in their everyday lives. Sharon believes that every child has a right to be heard (as per UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) and that supporting children to name and understand the language and feelings around conflict will positively affect our parents and leaders of the future.

Sharon has worked in public and private sectors throughout her career and has facilitated multi-agency discussions around the effects of separation on children and adults, which in turn impacts feelings and emotions within the workplace, in the home, in parenting, and on people’s own self-awareness and mental health. As a result of Sharon’s numerous qualifications and expertise in the area of conflict, and the understanding, management, and resolution of same, Sharon has guest lectured with a number of colleges, throughout Ireland and on courses in America.

Sharon believes that by providing her clients with a holistic and supportive service, the likelihood of the clients reaching a long-lasting, self-determining outcome is significantly increased. Sharon provides bespoke training for couples, parents, and workplace leaders who wish to understand and improve their communication and conflict styles, thereby once again supporting positive conversations between life partners, parents, and children and workplace connections. For further information on who Sharon is and the services she offers, contact Sharon directly at +353 87 695 9346 or by visiting