Pradeep Dabas - Salt Marketing / Quicklinks

A mighty member for the last couple of years and a great friend of mine and members alike Pradeep Dabas adds much to Mid West Mentoring.  He is top of his field and really has a can do attitude always wanting to help members. A chat with him is very highly recommended. Pradeep arrived in Ireland in 2002, after finishing his masters in Marketing and quickly enrolled in ACCA and qualified as an accountant, securing a job soon afterwards.

Life seemed all set out – until He was made redundant in 2009. Undeterred, He launched Quicklinks Ltd., a leaflet distribution and printing company which expanded rapidly towards Salt Marketing (website development and digital marketing). They now have four different teams with different backgrounds and skillsets focused on online marketing projects. They work on different projects in different phases, but their ultimate goal at Salt Marketing is to help businesses grow and succeed.

A data-driven strategy is the key to their success. Their marketing strategy assesses your business idea and concept to determine the most effective way to market it to your target audience and increase conversion rates. In the last 10+ years, Pradeep has helped over 300+ companies succeed by matching them with the right marketing strategy for their business concept.

The next inspiring project: Be sure to contact him